Advisory Board

At Translingoworld Private Ltd., we believe in constantly striving to stretch our horizons. To this end, we are ably guided by our Advisory Boards.

Leaders in Change & Innovation

Our Translingoworld Private Ltd. Advisory Board consists of a wide range of prominent academicians and successful professionals who possess rich experiences in the Translation Industry.
All of them are affiliated to any department of translation, interpreting, multilingual communication, modern languages, or literatures and possess thorough linguistic expertise.

Since the inception, we have been committed to rendering all kind of language services at the most affordable cost. In fulfilling this commitment, the role played by of our advisory members is truly remarkable.
They constantly provide advice and guidance to the functionaries of Translingoworld paving the way to making Translingoworld better every next day.

Meet Our Advisors & Strategic Thought Partners

Prof. Mohammad Ajmal

Chief Adviser, Translingoworld

Dr. Mohammad Ajmal is a renowned academician and writer based in New Delhi. Currently teaching at Jawaharlal Nehru University, he has authored several books on language and literature. His most popular book is “Learn Modern Arabic” published by Roseword Books, New Delhi, 2012, (ISBN: 82-925611-0-3).

Apart from books, he’s also published a wide range of research papers in the leading peer-reviewed journals. His areas of interests include Arabic-English Translation and Interpretation and Vice Versa. In 2008, he was awarded the All India Intellectual Award by the All India Intellectual Peace Academy.

Mr. Akhlaqur Rahman

Mr. Akhlaqur Rahman

Advisor and Strategist, Translingoworld

Mr. Akhlaqur Rahman is a prominent philanthropist and renowned industrialist in India. Hailing from Bihar, Mr. Rahman has been involved in the manufacturing industry since 1994 and running world-class business in the heart of India, Delhi.

Since inception, Mr. Rahman has been a catalyst for the immense progress of the Translingoworld Private Limited. We, the Translingoworld team, take pleasure to have such a personality with us. We also thank him for his cooperation and unparallel contribution to the growth of our Translingoworld.